Friday, March 26, 2010

Fortune WP

This is moving quickly! New to the US. Not official until Saturday at the F5M MC meeting! Secure a spot fast!

A couple team members have already cycled! Hurry and get your top spot for advertising! This program is going to be HOT and FAST! Some of us are even getting a 50% CTR!

Fast acting Fortune WP 1 X 2 matrix is constantly in movement. Only two Business Centers need to be filled in a matrix to recycle and activate another Business Center for FREE!

Slowing down to catch up!

The Adland meetings are slowing down a bit now, we will be having short question and answer spots, for about an hour. Which is a really good thing as we have all learned so much, we just don't have time be in our 3 or 4 hour q and a sessions. We really are learning and getting more traffic. We are working very hard to get fresh content out there.

Keep posting articles, driving traffic, don't just use traffic exchanges, there are a lot of ways to get web-sites and blogs more exposure. Pinging was a topic of discussion on Tuesday. There is some great traffic to be generated from pinging your site every time you add or update anything.

There are a lot of advantages to attending meetings and training sessions offered by an affiliate or program you are promoting. This builds a relationship with your product, your upline and downline. It is important to get to know about the people you are working with. The next great team could be the one you form with others attending meetings and trainings.

The relationships built within the programs you are involved with also help get traffic and build your success online.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Getting to Know Adland Meeting News

Last week we had 2 meetings and some member chatter in between here and there.

You are missing a lot by not being here! We have all learned about how important fresh contact is.

Posting as many articles as possible will get more attention. Not sure about everyone else, but I am seeing more traffic. We all did squidoo lenses for more exposure.

There is a lot of typing, writing, rewriting, and research. It does take a lot of determination and will power to stick with this, but in the end we will have all learned valuable skills for our quest for internet success.

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Getting To Know Your AdlandPro" Meetings Are Back !!!

The meetings started last month and I must say they are great! We currently have a small group and we are all learning a lot.

So far we have all gotten our blogger blogs up and running. We have learned how to link words and phrases to affiliate sites, placed out Digg buttons (look at the bottom of my post!), affiliate banners, and learned a few article marketing tips and tricks.

What I am learning from these meetings, I already know a lot. Like most, I just need some direction on what to do with all the knowledge. I am really enjoying meeting my teammates, and helping them out. We all seem to know different things and when we share, we combine to profit in all of our online businesses.

We have this little “battle of the sexes” going on and, in my opinion, us girls are winning!

These meetings are the most fun! I just can't wait for next week! So far the meetings have been on Tuesday and Thursday. They start at 10:00am eastern time and are open ended. For those needing to “catch up” one or more of the team members are very willing to help with some “one-on-one”.

What will we learn next week? Well come back to my blog and find out!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Affiliate Marketing is Great for Anyone

Affiliate marketing is a good career choice for anyone who does not want to deal with the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job. A good affiliate marketing plan will include social networking, article marketing, advertising media, and constantly learning new marketing techniques. All of this work can bring a lucrative income, staying at home.

There is a lot to learn, but, if one is willing, there is a lot of money that can be earned. Find a program that peaks your interest. Don't just go for the make a million now ads. They are simply not real. Someone is making money off of them, but it usually isn't you. Any affiliate program will require some work. Consistent work. It is vital to communicate with the person you signed up with. Ask questions, find out what he or she is doing to get signups. Learn from them.

Find an affiliate product that interests you. Ask yourself some questions; What do you like to do? What interests you? There are an infinite number of programs and services that have affiliate programs. Try services that you already have. Your cell phone company, or cable company may have an affiliate program. Why not do a little advertising and get your services for free? It can be done!

Find a program that has stability. There are new affiliate programs entering the field daily. When you find one that interest you, investigate, find out who is making the offer. Check to see if they have gotten a bad online reputation. If you cannot find any information on them, wait a week or two and check again. Find a forum on the program, join it and ask questions. Be informed before you join.

Start making new friends. Seek out some affiliate marketers. Become online buddies. Follow their lead, network yourself and learn to work an affiliate program. Once you learn how to do it, it really does become a part time effort with full time income!

Do you like to write? Short stories, life experiences, work experience, product reviews, all help the affiliate marketing process. We are all human and honest contact with other humans, even through the internet, is important. Learn the techniques, apply your knowledge, then teach others what you have learned.

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