Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guest Blog Posting

If you blog, you are always looking for tips and tricks to keep it filled with fresh content. What do you do when you experience what I fondly refer to as, blogger block. Blogger block is much like writers block. You know you need to keep up fresh content, and the more the better, but some days, you are just not that into updating your blog, again.

One way to ease the pain of blogger block is to read a few other blogs in your blog niche. Maybe an internet pal is working the same blog subject as you are. Go read that blog, leave a comment, and then, contact him or her and ask if they would like to guest post. What an honor! To guest post on a colleagues blog

There are a couple ways to guest post. In Blogger, an invitation can be sent to the guest. Simply go to the settings tab and choose the permissions tab. There you will see instructions for inviting a guest poster. Once your guest has accepted, you can then choose how much access to grant them. This section would also be the place to delete the guest, if you choose to limit the time to grant access. Or, very simply ask for the post to be sent to you and you post. If you choose to do this method, always be sure to let your readers know who your guest is.

As I am not completely sure how to do this with WordPress, I cannot advise how to invite a guest to post. But, I will be learning that trick as well! The email method also eliminates the need to learn one more thing.

A huge bonus with guest posting, backlinks! Lots of relevant backlinks! Kills two birds with one stone! Save time and effort!

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