Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Use of Marketing Tools

There are many great tools that can help your internet business get more exposure. Some are "set and forget" little tricks, and others require at least some effort to use effectively. Google, for instance, has a number of things that anyone can use to help contain information overload. Google Alerts is just one of the tools that can make life easier and a little more organized. To set up a Google Alert simply log into your gmail account and go to

Once there fill in the form with a keyword or phrase that you  would like to keep up with.

Say you want to keep up with motorcycle events, simply type "motorcycle events" using the quotes, into the "search query" space.

Next you will choose the type of information you want Google to send you. If you are looking for fellow bloggers then you will choose blogs, if you are looking for anything on motorcycle events, then of course choose everything.

You choose how often you would like Google to send you this information, really nice if you don't want a lot of notices.

For how many, it is best to keep the "only the best results" selected.

Finally choose how you want the information delivered to you, Google can email them, or you can subscribe for an rss feed that you can utilize for keeping up in Google Reader

Everyone who has a gmail account has access to all of these tools and a lot more. The only trick is to use them.

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