Saturday, May 21, 2011

Get a Viral Traffic Rush!

Viral Traffic Rush is a new rush in banner advertising! After just 78 days in operation, Viral Traffic Rush has provided its members with, 85,862,939ads viewed, and $4,192, Commissions Paid to free and upgraded members. These are great stats in such a short time! 
Banner advertising gone Totally Viral! For a short time, upgrading is only 10 bucks! For life! Not a monthly fee!

Would you like $1 million dollars now, or a penny today, double it tomorrow (get 2 cents), then double that again the third day (get 4 cents), then double that again the 4th day (get 8 cents), and so on for only 30 days?
It's easy, first, click the 6 banners on the signup page. Once you are finished viewing all 6 websites, fill in your information and get your free account! Add your banner, and then invite your friends! They will see the same page you did, but your banner will be in first position, and your sponsors banner will be shown below, continuing up 5 levels. Take a look at how many views your banners and ads could get with Viral Traffic Rush:

How Many Pages Your Banner Ad Could Be Seen On*

Levels # Referred Total Pages
Your page  
Level 1 (your refer) people
Level 2 (lev 1 each refer) people
Level 3 (lev 2 each refer) people
Level 4 (lev 3 each refer) people
Level 5 (lev 4 each refer) people
  Grand total >>>
That grand total is how many referrals you could have and is the total number of pages your banner ad could be seen on! Go ahead and play with some numbers!
If you and all your referrals only showed your pages 10 times a day your banner ad would be getting seen times per day! Imagine how much traffic you could be getting!
Join and you can learn about's unique 'upside-down' commission structure where you get paid more on the bottom than you do the top! Even free members earn!

*This traffic calculator is for illustrative purposes only.
Your results may vary. 

You have nothing to loose! Sign up for your free account today and see for yourself!

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