Sunday, December 5, 2010

APSense Will Soon Be IT in IM

You just won't believe what Wincer has done now! Your blog news will be posted on your Facebook Wall and twitter! What a time saver!

If you are an Internet Marketer, or are interested in learning. APSense needs to be a priority for growing your business! Online business or offline, there are tools available to fit many advertising needs.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

APSense Just Keeps Getting Better!

Hot off the press! APSense just introduced its own link shortener!  Just look at all the features they have included with it!

December 3, 2010

APSense New Feature Is Now Functional!

Wincer and his team have developed this new Feature called the "APSense URL Shortner", we tried it out several times yesterday got all the little bugs out of the way and now you can added as an Add on too your tools here at APSense you will found it on the left side of the screen along with all the other tools.

This tool is much different then other URL shortners, for the simple reason it has many benefits for you as a member to enjoy and increase your ability to advertise and use it to your advantage.

Benefits of This New Feature

-All Shortened URL are APSense Referral Links
-It will also support 3 different types mode shorten links
-Simple redirect, like other shorten link
-Will also have a Social Bar
-Free Text Ads
-You will also be able to password protected
-Be able to when t control Link Expiration
-Hit counter with stats

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Back Link Club at APSense

There is a lot of value to becoming a member of APSense, and The Back Link Club is tops on my list. Joseph Botelho, a fellow APSense member, has hit this right on.

How to Post on Blogger and Create Back Links!!

Some of you know me and my Passion for APSense and the direction Wincer and his team has taken this Social Business Site so far. That statements is what keeps me attached and as JV Partner here , my desire for achievement is my dream.

We are looking for talent, the ability to apply what you will learn from this article and follow the wealth of information Apsense seo tools has to offer, there is not a better Social Business Site you can convince me within the next 24 to 36 months or perhaps less, we will be within the top 50 sites on the World Wide Web.

When you link on to the APSense Blog you will notice that it is all linked back to APSense, the key is we have just created multiple back links to our sites. Incredible but very simple for this procedure to function at an alarming rate, when steps are followed and taught to other members the more the better our audience becomes.

I will provide the following Steps on how you can achieve this type of promoting, advertising, with countless streams of buyers....

-Click on the APSense Blog it will take you to the blog.

-It will ask you if you want to use your Google account, you will then sign in and post your comment. This will then permit you to leave a comment and make your name click able.

-If you do not have a Google Account then you can Create YOUR Account NOW!

-Read the article's we have posted there if there is an article you enjoyed provide a comment. If the comment has meaning, l will then approval it and it will be posted on the Blog.

-Each time you do this it creates a backlink back to your site, that simple.

-The more time you leave comments, the more backlinks you have created for your site.

-Fact Facebook has over 35,650,500 backlinks on Yahoo alone, incredible!!!

The above link will provide additional information on creative back links


The discussion that follows is very  informative. Back linking should be an important ingredient in your recipe for becoming a successful Inter Marketer.

Traffic Exchanges. Risky Business

Recently, I have quit almost all the Traffic Exchanges that I had signed up for. Why? Well, one simple reason. I hate getting spy wear and viruses! My computer is like my car, my ride to work every day, I insist that it remain in tip top shape!

I thought I have deleted my account in those most likely to contain a virus. The other day, I surfed 5 sites, 100 pages each. The next day, my computer was running funny, so I did a boot virus scan and 2 viruses were found! Really!! What does one gain from infecting other marketers in this manner? Eliminating the competition?

That is it! I am done. APSense TE will soon be the only one I surf with any regularity!

Here is my thought. The only downline I have gotten from a TE is unresponsive, or they sign up with fake information. So really why bother!?

Partners I have found through other methods, are much more active and know why they are joining an opportunity.

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