Thursday, December 2, 2010

Traffic Exchanges. Risky Business

Recently, I have quit almost all the Traffic Exchanges that I had signed up for. Why? Well, one simple reason. I hate getting spy wear and viruses! My computer is like my car, my ride to work every day, I insist that it remain in tip top shape!

I thought I have deleted my account in those most likely to contain a virus. The other day, I surfed 5 sites, 100 pages each. The next day, my computer was running funny, so I did a boot virus scan and 2 viruses were found! Really!! What does one gain from infecting other marketers in this manner? Eliminating the competition?

That is it! I am done. APSense TE will soon be the only one I surf with any regularity!

Here is my thought. The only downline I have gotten from a TE is unresponsive, or they sign up with fake information. So really why bother!?

Partners I have found through other methods, are much more active and know why they are joining an opportunity.

View this post and comments on APSense.

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