Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blogging for Business

The number one reason to start a blog for a business is EXPOSURE! Exposure is so important! Blogging is an ever evolving tool for business. The possibilities for a blog are endless. Blogging builds a relationship with customers and potential customers. A business blog can take many forms, from advertising, to communicating with customers.

A business blog can be set up to communicate with current customers, inviting feed back on a product or service. Create polls, include “online only” discounts and offers, or start a discussion related to product or service changes to see what customers want.

Create a customer comments section for testimonials and complaints. Potential customers like to see how the company deals with issues, good and bad. This builds a relationship with potential customers.

Another important fact about a blog is the author does not have to be an expert writer. The “language” is different in any field. Internet marketers have their own. Car mechanics will have another “language.” The informal format of a blog works for most any business.

A blog can be a free form of advertising for a business. The cost of posting a blog is free! Blogger, WordPress, and many others offer free blogging service for any business.

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