Thursday, December 27, 2012

Design With SEO In Mind

Starting an internet based business? Are you an offline company wanting to take your advertising to the World Wide Web? A custom website could be just what you need to give your business a boost. Building a website is an excellent advertising venue for both online and offline business.

Some knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization)  will help any business be seen on the internet. But what do you really need to know about SEO? That depends on how much you are going to do for yourself.

If you are hiring your site built by someone else, then you really only need to understand the concept, and what you can do to help the search engines find you.

Consistency and focus are keys to simple SEO. Consistently promote, share and build your online business presence around a few keywords or phrases. For example, if your business is water filters, concentrate on keywords and phrases that will draw the customer who is looking for water filters, or who may be concerned about drinking water quality.   

To help your social SEO presence, share your knowledge on the subject. Share problems that occur when water is not filtered, keep your business social focused on water, its contaminants and solutions for reducing contamination.

Just insert your business service or product keywords and share, promote and discuss your way to great, easy SEO for your business.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
For anyone who wasn’t able to complete any of the credit card required offers with Free Treasure Chest, FTC has the answer! We realize in this tough economy it may be hard to complete any offers. Well, we did the leg work and found some offers and tasks that you and your downline can complete that require no payment information.
This is the break you have been looking for! We could not have made it easier for you to build your income, and encourage your downline to do the same!

Here is the scoop:
Free Treasure Chest would like to introduce our new POINTS site: COINS. This is a referral site, however, we pay you DIRECTLY for offers you complete on the site. PLUS, you receive one coin for every 10 coins that your referrals make by completing offers as your referral. Your referral gets paid directly from us for the offers they complete, and your coins just keep adding up. They then also can refer people to make coins from their own referrals! The BEST thing is that MOST of the offers on this site require NO CREDIT CARD! So, if you or your referral do not have a credit card, or are skeptical and do not want to use your card until you have proof that this works, then this site is for you! Coins (or name for "points") can be cashed out at our "Currency Exchange" for PayPal Cash, Payza Cash, and Treasure Checks! Register Now, and start earningYOUR Coins!

Go sign up and check it out. You have nothing to lose. I just gave it a good once over, and I am impressed. This will make our job a whole lot easier!

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Blog Pays Me Does Yours?

Does your blog pay you? Mine does. It is really easy to do with the right tools and a little knowledge. A blog is a lot of work from design to content, it is a work in progress.

How do you make money blogging? There are several ways to add streams of income to a website or a blog.

One great way to monetize any blog is to add affiliate links to your posts. Almost every product you can think of has an affiliate program, or referral program. Choose products that fit with the theme and content of your blog.

There are companies out there that will pay you to post content on your blog. This is an easy way to get a stream of income or two for a blog.

Blog Distributor is one very reputable, profitable pay per post (ppp) opportunity. Simply sign up, submit your blog, or even blogs, wait for approval. Once you are accepted, you will start getting offers to post. Check your email often. Once a post is offered, accept it and you have 2 days to create your post.

How much can you make with Blog Distributor? The potential is there to make hundreds, even thousands per month. The more quality posts that you produce, the more offers you will receive.

Be sure you read the terms and conditions of any PPP opportunity. Some may require a disclosure statement stating that you are making an income from some of the posts.

No matter what your passion, there is opportunity for making an income from blogging.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SBA - Tips To Start a Business

Have you been thinking about starting an online business? One of the first places you should start is your local Small Business Administration (SBA) The SBA is Nation wide and local. They offer a variety of resources for entrepreneurs just starting on the exciting journey of being self-employed.

Here is an excerpt from a very good article I found on the SBA site while doing a little Saturday Business Reading. Be sure to read the entire piece here, and see what else the SBA can do for your business.  

Step 1 – Write a Business Plan
Yeah, yeah, you know you should write a business plan whether you need to secure a business loan or not. The thing is, a business plan doesn’t have to be encyclopedic and it doesn’t have to have all the answers. A well-prepared plan – revisited often – will help you steer your business all along its growth curve. Try to think of your business plan as a living, breathing project, not a one-time document. Break it down into mini-plans – one for marketing, one for pricing, one for operations, and so on. Take a look at SBA’s Business Planning Guide for more ideas.
Step 2 – Get Help and Training
Starting a business can be a lonely endeavor, but there are lots of free in-person and online resources  that can help advise you as you get started.  Check out what‘s offered at your Small Business Development Centers; SCORE (which offers free mentoring services); Women’s Business Centers, or your local SBA office.
Step 3 – Choose Your Business Location
Where you locate your business may be the single most important decision you make. Many factors come into play such as proximity to suppliers, the competition, transportation access, demographics, and zoning regulations. Check out SBA’s Tips for Choosing a Business Location and this blog: How to Choose the Best Location for your Business.
Step 4 - Understand your Financing Options
You may choose to bootstrap, fall back on savings, or even keep a full-time job until your business is profitable, but if you are looking for an external source of financing, these resources explain your options.
Step 5 – Decide on a Business Structure
Going it alone or forming a partnership? Thinking of incorporating? What about an LLC? How you structure your business can reduce your personal liability for business losses and debts.  Some choices can give you tax benefits. To help you determine the right structure for your business, here’s an overview of your options and some information on how to file the necessary paperwork in your state and the tax implications of your decision. You might also want to read:
Step 6 – Register Your Business Name (“Doing Business As”)
Registering a “Doing Business As” name or “trade name” is only needed if you name your business something other than your personal name, the names of your partners, or the officially registered name of your LLC or corporation. Here’s how to register your “Doing Business As” name.
Step 7 – Get a Tax ID
Not every business needs a tax ID from the IRS (also known as an “Employer Identification Number” or EIN), but if you have employees, run a business partnership, a corporation or meet certain IRS criteria, you must obtain an EIN from the IRS. You’ll also need to start paying estimated taxes to the IRS; this blog explains more about this process.
Step 8 – Register with Tax Authorities
Employment taxes, sales taxes, and state income taxes are handled at the state-level. Learn more about your state’s tax requirements and how to comply.
Step 9 - Apply for Permits and Licenses
All businesses, even home-based businesses, need a license or permit to operate. This guide explains more and includes a handy “Permit Me” tool that lets you determine what your permit and licensing needs are, based on your zip code and business type.
Step 10 - Hiring Employees
If you’re hiring employees, follow these 10 steps. If you’re working with a contractor or 1099, read 5 Things to Know About Hiring Independent Contractors.
Related Resources
Check out SBA’s Starting and Managing a Business for more tips and guides.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend Crash Course to Inbound Calling

Ok, so it is the weekend. Personally, I like to have weekend flexibility. Sometimes we do have a social life, but if nothing is happening, I save weekends for planning and maybe a little ad posting.

Today I am setting a schedule for next week. I am still growing my Indiana Water Filters Distributorship, I am also learning to market other ways using quite an array of tools. 

This week I dedicated to learning a new, part time business, just to get some extra business building capitol. Every business needs a cash flow, and I have found a very easy one. Funny, this is kind of how I started learning this business. 

So this weekend, I need to organize my time so I can fit everything in!

My plan/tasks for next week:
  • Post 50 ads, daily
  • Make at least 5 calls, daily
  • Post on my top 3 performing blogs, daily
  •  Continue testing current advertising resources

Persistence is key to anything. Taking Inbound Calls from home is a real job. It is also a business. Like any new job or business, there are things to learn. Every job has different skills, every business is built differently. You must learn the skills and apply them to be a success, at any job.

Begin your day like you are going to any other job. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready to work.

Sit down and start marking tasks off of your list. I start with the ones I really don't like to do, posting ads. Really 50 ads can go fast. Just make sure to have a note pad with your ads ready to paste, and you are going to just fly right through and be done before you know it.

Then it is on to blog posting. I can always count on my FaceBook wall to provide some really good, relevant material. Once I find my subject and some information, reading and creating my post commences. This can be very time consuming. But, I love it!

The rest of my day is spent lately testing current resources I have. Cleaning house, so to speak. I log in, check out the site and tools available, use them, then see if I get any results. Lower performing ones, or those I just don't understand, are off my list of tools.

Make sure to take breaks, just like at a job. It is important to step away from the computer screen once in a while.

Taking Incoming Calls Is a real job you can do at home. You should really treat it like one. Be persistent, keep a schedule. Results will follow. The more you learn and do the better you will get. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WAH Direct Selling Option

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Direct Selling is becoming more profitable in a bad economy. A recent report, that you can download here, states:
In 2010, direct selling companies generated over $125 billion in revenue in 150 countries through more than 75 million men and women who are changing lives serving others. This is the story of direct selling.
 Many products and services fall into the Direct Selling category.  Direct selling is a perfect Work at Home option for stay at home moms and dads alike. As it is back to school time. I thought it was a good subject to cover. Many moms and dads alike are looking to becoming their own boss, using a direct selling product or service.

The top 7 on The Wall Street Journal's list of Direct Selling Companies are: Avon, Natura, Herbalife, Tupperware, Oriflame, Nu Skin, and Primerica.

With the droves of people that are among the long term unemployed, direct selling can be the answer to the end of the job search.

The rebound in the stock market has many investors smiling again, especially those who have put their money in direct selling companies. Many of the top 12 public companies that sell direct have outperformed the average stock return by impressive margins since the market dipped to its low in early 2009.
The face of employment is changing for ever. Technology, and the drive to get the middle class family budget back to a place where families can afford to live.

What does it take to market a direct sell product? It takes drive, passion, and the ability to adapt and learn new skills. Just the same as getting and starting a new job.  Direct selling should be treated as a new job. When you find the right company and product to market, the learning begins.

Before you start, you have to find the right company. Do your due diligence on this one. Research any company  thoroughly before signing up. Look up information on the Better Business Bureau, make sure they are a member of the Direct Selling Association, seek out other distributors, new and old, find out what their experience with the company is. Even search some of the scam reporting sites to read any complaints from distributors. 

Study the business model in the PDF above. Set a schedule, stick to it. Learn a new skill every day.  Most direct selling companies offer extensive training to insure the success of their distributors. The person who you join the opportunity will be your coach and mentor. Take their advise to heart and get to really know them.  Build a lasting, mutually profitable relationship with your sponsor.

The right Direct Selling company can end your JOB search and get your budget back on track. Stop looking for someone else to work for, work for you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working at Home is Hard!

How to Stop Wasting Time Online

Does this sound familiar…you sit down at the computer to work and three hours later you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. Oh, all of your social networking friends are happy you stopped by and you learned a bit by reading a half a dozen blogs. However, time is money and three hours wasted online is lost income. With a few tips and tricks, and a little self-discipline, you can stop wasting time online and get more done!

Know Your Limits

Sometimes interest in a work project fades away. It’s at this point when you may turn to time wasters like social sites. Start paying attention to how long you are able to focus and work productively. It may be only twenty or thirty minutes. When you know your limits you can plan your day a little better.

For example, if you know that you are only able to focus for about thirty minutes before you get antsy, break your work day up into thirty minute segments. In between each work segment, schedule time to do something else. You might clean your office for ten minutes or read a blog post. Give yourself time to play and you’ll be better able to get back to work.

When Are You Most Productive?

Morning people are better able to focus for long periods in the morning. The opposite is true for night people. Know when you’re more productive and better able to focus, and plan to work during that time period. You’ll be less likely to wander and waste time online.

Schedule Time to Browse

There’s nothing wrong with wasting time online as long as it doesn’t interrupt your life or stall your productivity. If you enjoy surfing the net and discovering new ideas and information, set aside time to do it. Schedule it during your non-productive hours. For example, if you sit down to watch television in the evening, surf while you watch TV. Surf during your lunch break or while you’re waiting for an appointment.

A Few Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Turn off your browser while you work. If you don’t need your browser open while you work, close it to reduce temptation.

2. Listen to music. Music can help you stay focused and productive.

3. Try a site blocking service if you really can’t resist temptation. For example, Firefox has a few site blocking add-ons that you can use. They limit your time on a site or block the sites for a designated time period.

4. Sit down with a plan. Decide what you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it by.

5. Reward yourself. Once you’ve completed your task, reward yourself. Enjoy some free time, do something you like to do and take a break.

There are temptations all around you. Focus on what you want to accomplish and don’t let those pesky online time wasters distract you. With a plan and a few effective tactics you can stop wasting time online and get more done during your day.

Working from your home is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of concentration and work to avoid the distractions of being at home. There is always something that needs to be done around the house. As we all know, dishes and laundry are never ending in any household!

Time management is vital to any home business. Click here for an Internet Marketers Guide to Time Management.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black Hat, White Hat, Laws That Effect You

This is really important information for anyone involved in any type of internet marketing for any business. As business professionals, it is vital to our lively-hood to keep up to date on current and future laws and regulations regarding Internet Marketing and the ever changing methods that are used to market online.

I say it all the time, technology is wonderful, when it works right. There are marketers that use what we call "black hat" marketing methods. Now, not all of these marketing methods are illegal, but there are those who abuse tools, and cross the line when it comes to using available tech tools. As with many things in life, when abuse and deception occur,  authorities step in and set rules.
As Internet Marketers, we need to keep up to date on current laws and government regulations. Even government trade laws come into effect with marketing online.

Let's look at a few questions you may have:

Did you know there are countries that U.S. and International businesses are not legally allowed to sell products or services to?

Here is a list straight from the US Department of Treasury:
Sanctions Programs and Country Information
OFAC administers a number of different sanctions programs. The sanctions can be either comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security goals
OFAC Sanctions Programs:
Program Last Updated:

Yemen-Related Sanctions05/16/2012
It is a good idea to book mark this site for future reference. The punishment for trading with sanctioned countries can be up to 30 years in prison.

Do you know that you can be fined or even jailed for breaking some CAN-Spam rules?

Beginning in 2013, Canada will be imposing new email marketing laws. Violation of these laws could net a 10 million dollar fine.  Bill C-28, Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (or "CASL", formerly known as the Electronic Commerce Protection Act and the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act) was finalized on December 15, 2010 and is expected to become law by early 2013. Read more here and adjust your email marketing to comply.

Did you know that fines or worse can happen for committing plagiarism? (using other's work or photos without permission, or citing your source)

This is a really simple rule that a lot of internet marketers, black hat and white hat, break all the time. Just as with writing a paper or an article, it is vital that you cite your source. Give credit where credit is due. Do not claim that another persons photo, graphic, or post is yours when you share. The rules that govern the world wide web use the same rules that apply offline.  Like in the sanction section above, I did copy that information, but I did not alter any links or text and I gave a link back to the original post. If you use another business photo or graphic, a credit must be given, and a link back is just the right thing to do.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quality Link Building Services

Web business site need traffic to make sales. There are many ways to get traffic, including Pay Per Click, link exchanges, and traffic exchanges. Getting your business in the organic links first search page is the best way to get sales and not pay per click.

Building a business on the web involves many aspects of web building and creation. It is not enough to just build a web site and customers will come. There needs to be key ingredients to make a site work and net sales. has the right tools for the job. The services at are free. This is a one stop shop to get your business web page on the first page.

Need some quality back links, give either of their link exchange tools and watch your site climb the ranks.

Need some good SEO, they have that covered too. A growing article exchange and a forum for web masters is also available for free, to discuss how to best use these invaluable free tools to boost any web business.

No matter where you are with your web business, is a perfect source for getting your site on the first page, without using costly Pay Per Click advertising.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Use of Marketing Tools

There are many great tools that can help your internet business get more exposure. Some are "set and forget" little tricks, and others require at least some effort to use effectively. Google, for instance, has a number of things that anyone can use to help contain information overload. Google Alerts is just one of the tools that can make life easier and a little more organized. To set up a Google Alert simply log into your gmail account and go to

Once there fill in the form with a keyword or phrase that you  would like to keep up with.

Say you want to keep up with motorcycle events, simply type "motorcycle events" using the quotes, into the "search query" space.

Next you will choose the type of information you want Google to send you. If you are looking for fellow bloggers then you will choose blogs, if you are looking for anything on motorcycle events, then of course choose everything.

You choose how often you would like Google to send you this information, really nice if you don't want a lot of notices.

For how many, it is best to keep the "only the best results" selected.

Finally choose how you want the information delivered to you, Google can email them, or you can subscribe for an rss feed that you can utilize for keeping up in Google Reader

Everyone who has a gmail account has access to all of these tools and a lot more. The only trick is to use them.

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