Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend Crash Course to Inbound Calling

Ok, so it is the weekend. Personally, I like to have weekend flexibility. Sometimes we do have a social life, but if nothing is happening, I save weekends for planning and maybe a little ad posting.

Today I am setting a schedule for next week. I am still growing my Indiana Water Filters Distributorship, I am also learning to market other ways using quite an array of tools. 

This week I dedicated to learning a new, part time business, just to get some extra business building capitol. Every business needs a cash flow, and I have found a very easy one. Funny, this is kind of how I started learning this business. 

So this weekend, I need to organize my time so I can fit everything in!

My plan/tasks for next week:
  • Post 50 ads, daily
  • Make at least 5 calls, daily
  • Post on my top 3 performing blogs, daily
  •  Continue testing current advertising resources

Persistence is key to anything. Taking Inbound Calls from home is a real job. It is also a business. Like any new job or business, there are things to learn. Every job has different skills, every business is built differently. You must learn the skills and apply them to be a success, at any job.

Begin your day like you are going to any other job. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready to work.

Sit down and start marking tasks off of your list. I start with the ones I really don't like to do, posting ads. Really 50 ads can go fast. Just make sure to have a note pad with your ads ready to paste, and you are going to just fly right through and be done before you know it.

Then it is on to blog posting. I can always count on my FaceBook wall to provide some really good, relevant material. Once I find my subject and some information, reading and creating my post commences. This can be very time consuming. But, I love it!

The rest of my day is spent lately testing current resources I have. Cleaning house, so to speak. I log in, check out the site and tools available, use them, then see if I get any results. Lower performing ones, or those I just don't understand, are off my list of tools.

Make sure to take breaks, just like at a job. It is important to step away from the computer screen once in a while.

Taking Incoming Calls Is a real job you can do at home. You should really treat it like one. Be persistent, keep a schedule. Results will follow. The more you learn and do the better you will get. 

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