Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WAH Direct Selling Option

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Direct Selling is becoming more profitable in a bad economy. A recent report, that you can download here, states:
In 2010, direct selling companies generated over $125 billion in revenue in 150 countries through more than 75 million men and women who are changing lives serving others. This is the story of direct selling.
 Many products and services fall into the Direct Selling category.  Direct selling is a perfect Work at Home option for stay at home moms and dads alike. As it is back to school time. I thought it was a good subject to cover. Many moms and dads alike are looking to becoming their own boss, using a direct selling product or service.

The top 7 on The Wall Street Journal's list of Direct Selling Companies are: Avon, Natura, Herbalife, Tupperware, Oriflame, Nu Skin, and Primerica.

With the droves of people that are among the long term unemployed, direct selling can be the answer to the end of the job search.

The rebound in the stock market has many investors smiling again, especially those who have put their money in direct selling companies. Many of the top 12 public companies that sell direct have outperformed the average stock return by impressive margins since the market dipped to its low in early 2009.
The face of employment is changing for ever. Technology, and the drive to get the middle class family budget back to a place where families can afford to live.

What does it take to market a direct sell product? It takes drive, passion, and the ability to adapt and learn new skills. Just the same as getting and starting a new job.  Direct selling should be treated as a new job. When you find the right company and product to market, the learning begins.

Before you start, you have to find the right company. Do your due diligence on this one. Research any company  thoroughly before signing up. Look up information on the Better Business Bureau, make sure they are a member of the Direct Selling Association, seek out other distributors, new and old, find out what their experience with the company is. Even search some of the scam reporting sites to read any complaints from distributors. 

Study the business model in the PDF above. Set a schedule, stick to it. Learn a new skill every day.  Most direct selling companies offer extensive training to insure the success of their distributors. The person who you join the opportunity will be your coach and mentor. Take their advise to heart and get to really know them.  Build a lasting, mutually profitable relationship with your sponsor.

The right Direct Selling company can end your JOB search and get your budget back on track. Stop looking for someone else to work for, work for you!

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