Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
For anyone who wasn’t able to complete any of the credit card required offers with Free Treasure Chest, FTC has the answer! We realize in this tough economy it may be hard to complete any offers. Well, we did the leg work and found some offers and tasks that you and your downline can complete that require no payment information.
This is the break you have been looking for! We could not have made it easier for you to build your income, and encourage your downline to do the same!

Here is the scoop:
Free Treasure Chest would like to introduce our new POINTS site: COINS. This is a referral site, however, we pay you DIRECTLY for offers you complete on the site. PLUS, you receive one coin for every 10 coins that your referrals make by completing offers as your referral. Your referral gets paid directly from us for the offers they complete, and your coins just keep adding up. They then also can refer people to make coins from their own referrals! The BEST thing is that MOST of the offers on this site require NO CREDIT CARD! So, if you or your referral do not have a credit card, or are skeptical and do not want to use your card until you have proof that this works, then this site is for you! Coins (or name for "points") can be cashed out at our "Currency Exchange" for PayPal Cash, Payza Cash, and Treasure Checks! Register Now, and start earningYOUR Coins!

Go sign up and check it out. You have nothing to lose. I just gave it a good once over, and I am impressed. This will make our job a whole lot easier!

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