Friday, March 12, 2010

"Getting To Know Your AdlandPro" Meetings Are Back !!!

The meetings started last month and I must say they are great! We currently have a small group and we are all learning a lot.

So far we have all gotten our blogger blogs up and running. We have learned how to link words and phrases to affiliate sites, placed out Digg buttons (look at the bottom of my post!), affiliate banners, and learned a few article marketing tips and tricks.

What I am learning from these meetings, I already know a lot. Like most, I just need some direction on what to do with all the knowledge. I am really enjoying meeting my teammates, and helping them out. We all seem to know different things and when we share, we combine to profit in all of our online businesses.

We have this little “battle of the sexes” going on and, in my opinion, us girls are winning!

These meetings are the most fun! I just can't wait for next week! So far the meetings have been on Tuesday and Thursday. They start at 10:00am eastern time and are open ended. For those needing to “catch up” one or more of the team members are very willing to help with some “one-on-one”.

What will we learn next week? Well come back to my blog and find out!

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