Friday, March 26, 2010

Slowing down to catch up!

The Adland meetings are slowing down a bit now, we will be having short question and answer spots, for about an hour. Which is a really good thing as we have all learned so much, we just don't have time be in our 3 or 4 hour q and a sessions. We really are learning and getting more traffic. We are working very hard to get fresh content out there.

Keep posting articles, driving traffic, don't just use traffic exchanges, there are a lot of ways to get web-sites and blogs more exposure. Pinging was a topic of discussion on Tuesday. There is some great traffic to be generated from pinging your site every time you add or update anything.

There are a lot of advantages to attending meetings and training sessions offered by an affiliate or program you are promoting. This builds a relationship with your product, your upline and downline. It is important to get to know about the people you are working with. The next great team could be the one you form with others attending meetings and trainings.

The relationships built within the programs you are involved with also help get traffic and build your success online.

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