Friday, October 28, 2011

AlertPay Update from John Kielec

AlertPay and More update from John!  If you are F5M-MC members, you should be reading your updates!

@@@=>  AlertPay & STP News!

I have talked on the phone to AlertPay this morning to verify the email I got
from them asking for some bank verification documents. It was emailed from them.
It was not some hacker. If they find a need for your account to be updated, they
will contact you to provide some verification documents. This is a must and feel
safe to provide what they ask providing it came from AlertPay.

I have discussed issues about the credit cards. Good news is here. I was told
by one executive that they are almost done with the new process. Acceptance of
credit cards through AlertPay will become available early next week. It will be next week and that is 100% for sure, this is what I was told. They also said that
their service will be largely improved to offer superior quality to all who will
use AlertPay. I personally liked AlertPay right from the beginning and they have
always been here for F5M-Millionaires Club. AlertPay has become the #1 payment
processor for F5M-MC. We will continue to use them.

@@@=> Our 2nd option payment processor which is SolidTrustPay will be CHANGED!

About two years ago STP has been the #1 payment processor for F5M-MC but they have
lost about 90% of our service when I implemented AlertPay which offered better
service with lower fees. Sadly to say, soon STP will be taken down from F5M-MC
and we will no longer use their services. I have some personal issues with them
and not happy how they conduct the payment processing orders.

This week the good news came from STP that their site is fully functional to
accept credit cards without any problem. I believe there is still some issues not
resolved. F5M-MC has some orders come through their credit card provider. Some
have contacted me and told me same thing was happening, got a blank page after
submitting the payment.

One thing got me the most, their fees got higher and on top of it all, I am
getting charged 50 cents every time some one has been denied credit card
payment even if they make a mistake on the credit card payment form. This
morning, one person tried to pay through STP credit card and made a mistake,
started over again, something happened again, the payment did not go through.
Tried for the 3rd time and the credit card payment went through. I got charged
twice (2 times of 50 cents) for this person's mistake or maybe STP not working

In spring of this year, one person tried to use STP to pay for Silver level
into F5M-MC, no matter whose fault it was, this person tried 11 times, I got
charged $5.50 for that (11 x $.50). That is the most ridiculous thing I have
ever experienced. If some one goes and does this 100 times, they will charge me
because it is made to F5M-MC.

I am currently working with few other DIRECT CREDIT CARD MERCHANTS and will
by pass the middle provider like STP or AlertPay. Once I decide who I will
select, all Credit Cards payments will used through this NEW, well established,
highly secured merchant directly. AlertPay will be the 2nd choice and also will
be used as the main payment provider for all F5M-MC commissions and earnings
that are due to members.

Once this new credit card merchant becomes implemented into F5M-MC and our all
STP will be taken down from all of our sites. This should happen sometimes
within next 20 days.

I am also working on few other changes that will take effect in "The 98% Solution".
Most opportunities in there will be part of F5M-MC except "JustBeenPaid"
which is becoming VERY HUGE online and this is only the beginning for them!
I am beginning to invest $1000 or buy 100 positions per month in there. My plan
is to be on the TOP 20 Earners by Spring of 2012.

I will keep all F5M-MC members updated as to any new changes, enhancements or any
other related issues that involve F5M-MC. F5M-Millionaires Club will continue to
out perform all others out there and we will crash the competition by offering
more what others will not do.

I want everyone who has joined F5M-MC and who will join in the future to be 100%
satisfied member and be here for life to earn income.

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