Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's up With AlertPay?

It's now time to take action my friends!

Alertpay has been holding us hostage long enough and if they don't want to publicly admit that they have not been totally forthcoming with it's members, then it is up to us to make the world know how they treat us.

How many internet business owners are loosing money? How much stands to be lost if this continues?

Why are we not getting Blog updates every day on such an important issue that is currently robbing millions of members of their earnings?
I feel it's my duty to bring this out into the public eye in hopes that it will make a positive difference for all currently concerned & future parties that may be involved.
Take a look:

- ( Alertpay User Agreement)
- Liability (Liabilities to Both Parties)
- (Alertpay Blog)

There is no explanation for why we cannot process Visa and MasterCard. We have a right to know!

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