Friday, March 15, 2013

CashBlurbs User Review


I joined CashBlurbs some time ago, recently, while posting my ads for the week, I ran across it again. 

I should have been doing this every day to give a true how it works user review.

Yesterday, I posted a few ads, really only took a little while, and it was fairly easy to do.

CashBlurbs is a free program, but they do offer an upgraded version. The way it works is really quite simple, share a fellow members ad, view a few to highlight your post, and post your ad. There is a character limit, so be careful that all your ad is showing. I made the mistake of posting ads that were too long and my links did not show right. Perhaps a bitly link would help.

Today I will post all 10 ads that free members are allowed and report back in the comments of this post.

Are you a member of CashBlurbs? How do you like it? 



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